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Welcome to the chair of Public Economics and Health Economics!



News Research
The Paper "Taxes on Unhealthy Food and Externalities in the Parental Choice of Children's Diet", Health Economics 29, 938-944 written by Zarko Y. Kalamov and Marco Runkel is published.
The Paper "Present-Focused Preferences and Sin Goods Consumption at the Extensive and Intensive Margins" written by Zarko Y. Kalamov and Marco Runkel is published as CESifo Working Paper No. 8237.
The Paper "Not all Profit Shifting is Created Equal? An Analysis of Internal Debt" written by Zarko Y. Kalamov is published as CESifo Working Paper No. 8144.
The Paper "A Sales Tax Is Better at Promoting Healthy Diets than the Fat Tax and the Thin Subsidy" written by Zarko Y. Kalamov was accepted for publication in Health Economics.

Information on past announcements about research at the department can be found here.


News Teaching
Information on the events "Wirtschaftspolitik (AVWLIII)" and "Öffentliche Finanzen: Effiziente und Nachhaltige Finanzpolitik" will soon be uploaded on the corresponding ISIS courses. Enrollment in these courses is possible via

Wirtschaftspolitik (AVWL III): isis.tu-berlin.de/enrol/index.php

Öffentliche Finanzen: isis.tu-berlin.de/enrol/index.php
If all members of the department remain healthy, all courses of the summer term 2020 announced in the course catalog LSF will take place. The beginning is calendar week 17 (from 20.04.2020). The basic concept of the course will also remain as planned, except that attendance courses will be converted into online formats. Further information will be published on the department's homepage before the course begins.
In the summer term 2020, a seminar on the topic "Sustainable Growth" organized in cooperation with the department Macroeconomics will be offered. For further information please see here
In the summer term 2020, Prof. Runkel offers a project on the topic "Ökonomie von Epidemien". For further information please see here.
Due to the essential-only presence at TU we are only available by e-mail from 19.03.20. Please send all inquiries either directly to , to his secretary or to one of the assistants. We will attempt to answer your inquiries immediately. Information about the courses in the summer semester will be provided on our homepage as soon as possible.
Due to the current situation around the coronavirus-pandemic we unfortunately have to postpone the second date of the exam in Wirtschaftspolitik (AVWL III) on 27.03.2020 and in Advanced Microeconomics on 30.03.2020
Please note the requirements for issuing expertises! 

Information on past announcements about teaching at the department can be found here.


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