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Seminar: Gesundheitsökonomie

Welcome to the Health Economics Seminar.

The event will be held by Prof. Dr. Martin Siegel and takes place in the conference room H 5143 A.

The deminar deals with current research in health economics. This semester's focus will be on health economics evaluations and informal care. Participants will discuss the economic foundations of such evaluations, as well as new developments in related research. Critical assessments of the common methods used to estimate utility and willingness to pay will be a crucial part of the seminar.

The exam consists of a seminar presentation and the preparation of a seminar thesis (see Module description). Participants are expected to understand one of the topics below in detail. Each of the topics has a published article assigned, which is considered as a both an introduction to the relevant literature and the framework for the participant's work. In addition to the usual formalities and describing the relevant methods and findings, a critical assessment of the paper and of its place in the literature is expected (i.e. where does that come from, what developments happened since then, what are the main critical issues with that). Content and a critical evaluation are expected to be given in both the presentation and the thesis.

The following topics are planned for this semester:

1) Welfare and decision-maker's perspective in Cost-Benefit-Analyses
Brouwer, Koopmanshap (2000): On the economic foundations of CEA. Ladies and gentlemen, take your positions! Journal of Health Economics 19:439-459

2) Target values (dimensions) in health economics evaluations
Brouwer, Culyer, van Exel, Rutten (2008): Welfarism vs. Extra-Welfarism. Journal of Health Economics 27:325-338

3) Maximization in extra-welfarism
Coast (2009): Maximisation in extra-welfarism: A critique of the current position in health economics. Social Science & Medicine 27:325-338

4) Estimating willingness to pay through Contingent Valuation
Bobinac, van Exel, Rutten, Brouwer (2010). Willingness to pay for a Quality-Adjusted Life Year: The individual perspective. Value in Health 13:1046-1055

5) Testing the construct validity of „Willingness to pay“
Bobinac, van Exel, Rutten, Brouwer (2012). GET MORE, PAY MORE? An elaborate test of construct validity of willingness to pay per QALY estimates obtained through contingent valuation. Journal of Health Economics 31:158-168

6) Anchoring effects in Contingent Valuation-Studies
van Exel, Brouwer, van den Berg, Koopmanschap (2006). With a little help from an anchor Discussion and evidence of anchoring effects in contingent valuation. The Journal of Socio-Economics 35:836-853

7) Discrete Choice Experiments: Attribute development and qualitative methods
Coast (2012): Using qualitative methods for attribute development for discrete choice experiments: Issues and recommendations. Health Economics 21:730-741

8) Feasibility of estimation of willingness to pay for a QALY
Pinto-Prades, Loomes, Brey (2009). Trying to estimate the monetary value for the QALY. Journal of Health Economics 28:553-562

9) Decisions, desires or capabilities? Valuing health-related disabilities
Coast, Flynn, Natarajan, Sproston, Lewis, Louviere, Peters (2008). Valuing the ICECAP index for older peiole. Social Science & Medicine 67:874-882

10) Cost-Benefit-Analyses and Equity
Cookson, Mirelman, Griffin, Asaria, Dawkins, Norheim, Verguet, Culyer (2017). Using Cost-Effectiveness-Analysis to address health equity concerns. Value in Health 20:206-212

11)  Quality of life and care-giving
van den Berg, Fiebig, Hall (2014): Well-being losses due to care-giving. Journal of Health Economics 35:123-131

12) Opportunity cost and proxy goods to value informal care
van den Berg, Brouwer, van Exel, Koopmanschap, van den Bos, Rutten (2006). Economic valuation of informal care. Lessons from the application oft he opportunity costs and proxy good methods. Social Science & Medicine 62:835-845

13) Feasibility of the valuation of informal care
de Meijer, Brouwer, Koopmanschap, van den Berg, van Exel (2010). The value of informal care-a further investigation of the feasibility of contingent valuation in informal caregivers. Health Economics 19:755-771

Topics will be assigned in the first meeting on October 17th. Depending on the number of participants, the seminar will be held either weekly or in a block towards the end of the semester.


Organizational issues

Prof. Dr. Martin Siegel
2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
H 5143 A

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