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Seminar: Studentische Talkshow VWL

Welcome to the seminar: Studentische Talkshow VWL !

The seminar will take place in the chair's conference room H 5143 A.

Please register directly when attending the first session of the course on 16 Oct. 2019 or by sending an email to marco.runkel@tu-berlin.de [1] no later than this date.

The number of participants is limited to 8 participants.

In the seminar, the students are divided into groups of two members. Each group gets an economic topic on which the group members separately search for pro- and contra-arguments from the scientific literature ("preparation"). For each group, there is a date on which the two group members discuss the pro- and contra-arguments controversially ("talk show"). Who presents the pro- and who the contra-arguments is determined by lot. For the discussion, rules of argumentation (e.g. time limit, repeating the counter-argument, ...) are given which the students must adhere to. Following the discussion date, the students prepare a seminar paper separately on their respective topic (10 pages), which takes into account the findings of the discussion and contains a personal conclusion of the students ("fact check").





Organizational issues

Prof. Dr. Marco Runkel [2]
10-12 am
H 5143A
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